A group of people seeking to know and follow Jesus together.

Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus emptied himself and moved in our direction. We were lost and broken and he went on a mission to find and restore us.  Jesus is still making headway today…. and now he invites us to join him. To fight on behalf of the mistreated, come alongside the struggling, and bring real hope to those who have none. To get to know those in our neighborhoods and workplace.  To listen to people’s stories, and tell our own. To feel one another’s pain and share in each other’s joy. To engage our culture and community and work together to restore what is broken. But following Jesus isn’t easy. He leads us out of our comfort zone.  Following him is inconvenient and requires sacrifice, but we believe it’s worth it. We believe that as we get to know Jesus better, we trust him more.  And as we trust him more we follow him more closely and start experiencing the freedom, purpose, and peace that we were meant to have. So let’s not allow the American dream to distract us from embracing the messiness of life and being a part of what God is doing to change the world.

Let’s move forward together.

Get to know us better.
What We Believe
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Church is who we are.

It’s not where we go or what we do. It’s a group of people we belong to.

Everyone plays.

Each of us is different but everyone is called to inspire and equip others to know and follow Jesus. It’s not a few people’s role, it’s everyone’s.

Leaders serve.

Influence comes from relationship, not positions or titles. Leaders leverage their influence for the benefit of others. They lead by example.

Relationships are powerful.

But they’re not easy and they don’t happen by accident. Transformation comes from authentic relationships and life experiences, not just information.

Caring is sharing.

It’s putting yourself in other’s shoes and feeling their pain. It’s moving in their direction to give of yourself and your stuff to meet their need.

Doing makes the difference.

Thinking or talking about it does nothing. It’s action that changes things. And most of the time it’s choosing to do what we’re afraid to.

Worship is a lifestyle.

Not just a couple songs and a sermon. Getting together to worship is important, but living what we learn when we leave is the greatest form of worship.

Success follows surrender.

We can do nothing alone. We must be connected to Jesus and others to produce good things. We must allow his Spirit that lives in us to live his life through us.

Two is better than one.

We make more progress when we collaborate. Working together builds unity, creates synergy, and is more enjoyable.

Simple isn’t stupid.

And less is more. Doing a few things well is better than doing a bunch OK. Church and life are best kept simple.

Clarity is crucial.

And a lack of it leads to confusion, waste, and a lack of progress. Good communication communicates love. It takes time but is worth every minute.

Questions are good.

And so are open and honest conversations. We have a lot to learn from each other and we don’t have it all figured out.


The Holy Spirit inspired human authors to write the books of the Bible. The Bible is the complete and inspired Word of God. It is without error and we do our best and continue to ask the Holy Spirit to help us interpret it accurately. The Bible is God revealing Himself, His principles and purpose to us. The Bible also communicates how we fit into His story, His desire to relate intimately with us, and His purpose for our lives.


God exists as three eternal and equal persons: Father, Son, and Spirit. Jesus (the Son) was born of a virgin and lived a sinless life. He became flesh to reveal God to us and to become the Savior of the world. After he died, he rose three days later, as he said he would, and showed his power over sin and death. After his resurrection, he spent more than a month with His followers sharing their integral part in His purposes before ascending to be with his Father where he intercedes and advocates for his people. He later sent the Spirit to live inside every believer of Jesus and to baptize them into his family, to guide and remind them of truth, to empower them to follow and obey Jesus, and to gift them to help accomplish his purposes until he returns to establish his Kingdom over all.


Human beings are created in the image of God to have relationship with Him, but our sin separates us from Him. We are completely incapable of coming back into a right relationship with God on our own effort. The only way to restore our relationship with God is by being sorry for our sin and believing in Jesus. When we believe that he freely died on the cross as payment for our sin and rose three days later, we are forgiven, reconciled to God and begin a growing relationship with Him for eternity.


As believers in Jesus we should live for him and others, and not for ourselves. As we focus and spend consistent time getting to know Jesus more intimately; and as we obey God and let the Spirit lead and live through us; every follower of Jesus will mature, become more like him, more obedient to his instruction, and more effective on his mission.


The Church is the living body of Christ of which Jesus is the head. It is made up of those who believe Jesus and are seeking to follow him. This family and assembly of people functions metaphorically like the human body; a group of diverse and essential parts in relationship with each other, and growing and working together to make progress and accomplish it’s purpose. The purpose of the Church is to glorify God by following him, getting to know him, loving him, loving others, and introducing him to a lost world that needs him.

Get Headway.

Do you want to understand what this church is all about? Why we exist, what we believe, why we do what we do, and why we don’t do what we don’t do? Come eat lunch, ask questions, and GET what HEADWAY is all about!



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