We get together each week to inspire & equip each other to know Jesus more intimately and follow him more seriously in everyday life.

Sundays @ 10AM

Leesburg Junction
215 Depot Ct. SE
Leesburg, VA 20175

Everyone is welcome and come as you are.

Things you’ll likely experience at meetup

good music
imperfect people
hot coffee
authentic conversation
delicious cookies
passionate worship
honest prayers
new friends
sacred scripture
relevant discussion
creative children’s classes

Table Talk

About twice a month we take 15 minutes after the message to discuss a couple questions with those around our table as to how we can apply what we’re learning when we leave. Then we take 3-5 minutes to pray for the wisdom and courage to live it out. 

5th Sundays
We do not meetup when there is a 5th Sunday of the month (4 times a year).  Instead we will take those weekends to serve others, retreat, have a neighbor over for a meal, or just spend time with our families.

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Headway Kids

During our meetup, we have a creative program for children to connect and have fun while learning about God and His story together.
All children 5th grade and under are checked in upon arrival and the younger children go to their class at that time. Kindergarten – 5th grades come into meetup with the adults and teens to worship with us through music and then are released at “coffee break” to their class.

Note: We believe parents hold the primary responsibility for leading their children to know and follow Jesus, however we are excited to come alongside each other in partnership to see our children grow in their understanding of and relationship with God.



Every Thursday night, middle and high school students get together to connect and have fun while learning about God and his story together.


Thursdays @ 7PM:
215 Depot Ct. SE
Leesburg, VA 20175


Crews are smaller groups of students that meet at MOVE to connect, discuss & pray together. Students need authentic relationships with other students and adults as they seek to genuinely know and follow Jesus in everyday life. Crews are based on grade and gender.


Every couple months MOVE students get together to serve those in need in our community.

Get Headway.

Do you want to understand what Headway is all about? Then join us for GET HEADWAY, as we share who we are, what we believe, what we do and why?  Lunch and childcare are provided.


March 24

12pm – 2pm

215 Depot Ct., SE

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