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Covid-19 Update

With the weather changing and COVID still in the picture, we are offering 3 different options for our meetup on Sundays at 10am. As things continue to change, we will continue seeking updated information, including your input, and will consider all the related factors so we can make wise decisions as we phase into the future.

1. Inside the Leesburg Junction

Doors will be propped open and sanitizer stations will be available throughout the Leesburg Junction.

Masks will be required by everyone (ages 6 and older) in the building except when seated (and not singing) at your table and for the few that are on stage to speak or lead the music.

Only one family or quarantine group per table (7 feet apart). Children will stay with their parents at the table.

Extra masks will be available for those that don’t have one.

Coffee/tea is available to order from our volunteers who will make and serve it to you.

We are now offering our BigKIDS class (K-5th grade).

The following are our Covid guidelines/process for our HeadwayKIDS…

– At check-in, children will have their temperature checked with a non-contact thermometer and parents will complete a brief online COVID screening form for their child(ren).

– K-5th grade will attend worship in the main room with their parents and then be dismissed to their class after the music and will wear their masks for their whole class time.

We are excited to be starting our Lil’KIDS class (2-5 yrs old) back up again on Sunday, Dec. 6. Lil’KIDS will not be required to wear masks in their class but the volunteers will be.

2. Inside the Maverick Cafe next to the Junction at the Bicycles & Cafe Shop

Not as comfortable yet to be in a room with more people singing? This is the option for you. Come on in, grab a latte, maybe some waffles, sit, relax and enjoy viewing our meetup.

Masks are required except when seated at your table.

3. Online at Youtube – Tune into our Youtube Channel at 10am to join us live.

As we have many people with many different perspectives regarding COVID, phasing plans, what we should and shouldn’t be doing, let’s be sure to seek unity and love one another with our words, attitudes and actions during this time. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to email us at

Moving Forward Together,
Drew Clyde
Pastor, Headway Church

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