Help provide care package items for 46 Men in the Marine Corps that are deployed away from home.  Please purchase and bring items to meetup on Sundays or drop off in the Lounge of the Junction through the month of July.


Toiletries (travel size)

Shaving cream


Odorless deodorant (not antiperspirant)

Liquid body wash

Hand sanitizer


Disposable razors

Wet ones or baby wipes



Aspirin, Motrin, Tylenol

Electrolyte Tablets

Throat lozenges

Chapstick, blistex, vaseline

Sun block, Aloe Vera

Athletes foot cream & jock itch spray

Foot power


Cliff bars, protein bars

Beef jerky, beef summer sausage

Nuts, sunflower seeds, trail mix

Pop tarts, cereal bars

Energy Bloks / Energy Gel

Instant Coffee / Vias

Lemonade or gatorade mix

MIO water flavoring

Gum / Altoids / Icebreakers

Hard candies (non-melting)


Batteries (AA, AAA, C, 123)

Postage stamps

Envelopes, paper, pens

Travel size pocket calculator

Frisbee, nerf football, hacky sack

Deck of cards & handheld games

1 – 2 gallon zip lock bags

Sewing kits

Waterproofing bags

Staedtler Map Pens

Rite-in-the-rain Notebooks

Riggers belts

Black locking Carabiners

550 Para cord

Tactical Duct Tape (green, tan, black, dark gray)

Camauflage Paint

Balaclava or Shemaugs (Coyote brown, black green)

Ear plugs (shooting grade)


*To donate funds towards the purchase of care package items.  Mail a check or drop in the giving box at meetup and write “Corps Care” in the memo or give online at and note “Corps Care.” 


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