We’re finally getting our talks online so you can view them or review them.  Viewing them online is a sorry substitute for joining us at the Tally Ho on Sundays. But, if you were in out of town, in bed ill or helping with the “Headway Kids”, then this is a good way to stay in the loop with what we discussed at our Meet-Up.  This talk was the final talk of our LARGE & in Charge series.  We talked about root lie that we tend to believe, or the key truth that we tend to doubt that leads to decisions & actions based on fear that leads to a “not-so-full” life that we’re living.  I went a little long on this one:) but you should watch it.  Oh, and I stole (or lets say borrowed) the object lesson from Andy Stanley.

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Headway has a new Meetup location!

Please join us at Trungos (2C Loudoun Street SW) in downtown Leesburg on Sundays at 10am. Please park in the Town Hall Garage and Trungos is just a few steps away.